The FAM Mission

FAM is on a mission to bring quality support to families with children facing life threatening challenges. We are here to ease the multifaceted and unique burdens of families facing monsters. A range of FAM services have been curated to enable us to stand by families physically, financially, and emotionally. Dream fulfillments for children in treatment, bill assistance, and bereavement support for families strive to elicit some happiness and relief in the midst of dark times.



Once In A Lifetime Moments…

We may be the “new” foundation on the scene, but we have been organically creating once in a lifetime moments for years, Now with YOUR help FAM dreams can reach once in a lifetime people in ways they’ve yet to dream up! A special thanks goes out to everyone involved for their hard work, passion and kindness. Here are a few of our favorite moments with our FAMous friends.



We met Reef at Cincinnati Children’s where he shared his dream to dance to his favorite song with his favorite singer - Pharrell. Reef and his dream could not have been more inspiring. So we made a video asking Skateboard P to reach out and within 48 hours he had the travel arrangements in place. Not only did Pharrell spend time with Reef and his family, he brought him out on stage in Philadelphia for the biggest duet of his well accomplished career! Pharrell & wife, Helen, hit all the right notes when they followed up months later sending Reef and his sister tons of merch from his new Despicable Me movie!

Read the story and watch the full video on TMZ.



We met Victor at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles where he shared his dream to eat a Dodgers dog at Dodger stadium. We made a video and upgraded his ballpark dog dream to a bite with the team! Dodgers All-Star Justin Turner stepped up to the plate of childhood cancer within 72 hours and invited Victor and FAMily to a game and on the field. Justin continues to stay in touch with Victor and hit a literal and figurative homerun after asking Victor to design the game cleats he wore for the month of September - Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.


PRESTUN / Call of duty

We met Prestun at the New York Ronald McDonald House and his dream was video game overload! He wanted to meet the makers of Call of Duty Black Ops II. GameStop and other huge gaming companies contacted Prestun and sent tons of loot his way. Prestun received a special call from Treyarch and was given a VIP private tour of the studio in Los Angeles, California. He got a one of a kind inside look on how games were made, found out what his voice would sound like as a zombie and even left a TOP SECRET personal touch that will forever live on in the video game world. Level complete!



FAM DREAMS connect once in a lifetime people together for once in a lifetime moments. As the flagship program of FAM, it will serve as a conduit for our other services while the stories of our children are spread through smiles on a world stage. Tiny people sure can dream big and FAM is thankful to you for being a part of our reach. It's been the culmination of your shares, thumbs up, and calls into that friend who knows a guy that have already resulted in getting our kids on concert stages, center fields, video calls from their idols, VIP days at the park, history artifacts before their eyes, or the freshest lobster rolls in their hands.


FAM FUN is our play inspired outreach program designed to reach FAM kids, their siblings, and parents alike. We are well known for event takeovers often hosted in arcades, water parks, hotels or hospitals. FAMiles in attendance find positive ways to connect with other allies fighting similar monsters while the kids get to enjoy a break and some next-level fun. Reach out to us to find out how to bring a FAM FUN Day to your city!


FAM TALK is a crucial online platform we are fast at work developing after discovering first hand that resources supporting the mental health of families in crisis, particularly siblings, are limited, or at times, obsolete. FAM TALK, a double sided resource, will provide sessions with mental health professionals free of charge to fighters, parents, and SIBLINGS. FAM TALK will also launch a community based forum to source and lend support. After years of listening to our families, we understand that most feel alone in their battles and desperately need a forum to be heard, listen, and connect. We are honored to curate a service as a direct response to the community’s needs. Remember FAM, this is OUR thing. If you are a mental health provider or know one willing to donate time we want to hear from you!


FAM CASH is our most urgent program to get operating at full capacity. This service offered through application and process of approval will bring relief via direct bill pay to families fighting monsters. Houses need heat, hospital trips require gas, bereavements must be handled. FAM knows from experience that enabling families to put their focus on their loved one is the most impactful assistance we can offer to FAMilies.



Join our FAMily!

Feature this logo on your page to let the world know you are a verified FAMily member. FAM is seeking partnerships with forward thinking, once in a lifetime corporations looking to sponsor once in a lifetime moments! Send us your thoughts: info@joinourfam.org



Trying to figure out how you can make an impact? FAM is the collection of our efforts and we need leaders like you! There is nothing more powerful than organic outreach. Show our FAM fighters what your small town or big city is made of with favorite fundraisers! We know you bake a mean cookie, have the perfect corner for a car wash, or love planning organized runs! Become an official FAMbassador: info@joinourfam.org


Jr. FAMbassadors

Many of our FAM fighters become isolated by their peers or treated differently after becoming sick; most of which is due to lack of understanding amongst local communities and schools. We want to bridge that gap, inspire empathy, and create connections. Jr. FAMbassadors can pitch in by raising funds and sending cheer. Initiating the likes of coin drives and lemonade stands or creating cards, comics, or jewelry are all ways for our littlest FAMily members to contribute. Become an official Jr. FAMbassador: info@joinourfam.org

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