About FAM




           A compulsion, a prediction, and a motto have brought me to this very important opportunity to speak to you.  Whether you are here fighting your own monsters or supporting this community of youth battling against cancer, the strength of FAM has always been you. Your shared experiences, ideas, encouragement, and passion to help have been the force of unity propelling this mission. Together we are loud and I am so very appreciative of you. 

          I walked into the world of childhood cancer from a fast Hollywood life of high profile celebrities not knowing that there was no walking out. A whirlwind of spontaneous events melted my heart and gripping emotions reshaped my perspective. I found myself connecting with children and families in the fight of their lives and was greatly inspired by their strength. So, I did the same thing you would have done, I found a way that I could help.  

         Overwhelmed by a self-funded compulsion, I traveled the country to stand on the front line with families who needed an ally while their children faced life threatening challenges. Then the start of 2015 brought unforeseen tidings.  Several news outlets began reporting that I was launching a foundation, FAM, Fighting All Monsters. As notoriety grew, people predicted that FAM was about to "shake things up". As the reality of the depth of childhood cancer kicked in, I quickly realized that "shaking things up" required more than ambition. So, I continued traveling, creating once in a lifetime moments with once in a lifetime people. That motto is what I live by and it has resulted in this very network of fighters and allies.

        In my travels, I have met many families in their worst moments; seen, heard, and felt their pain; and listened to what they needed most. Until now, we have been addressing their needs all on our own, but I am confident that by at last opening the doors to YOUR support we will be able to shake things up. We will start by helping fulfill dreams of children in treatment and assisting families with the bills and expenses that do not stop even when time with a loved one is running out. Additionally, we are honored to offer support for the biggest advocates of our warriors, their siblings who are often overlooked. I pledge to make sure that FAM strives to impact families on a personal level and alleviate their individual obstacles as much as we can. 

       It stands to reason that I have often been asked if I began my endeavors due to the loss of a child? The bond of a mother, father, or sibling's struggle is unique, and I would never lay claim to having lost a child of my own flesh. However my answer is yes, I have lost many children and so has everyone reading this. We lose children every day to the terrible monsters of cancer, but FAMily can stand together and are strongest when we fight together. I respectfully ask you to take our side as we Fight All Monsters. 


Milk Tyson