Frequently asked questions:

Q: How do I donate?

A: We will soon have a more elaborate customized donation form but until that time, you can donate securely HERE. You can also donate directly through Facebook, with 0% fee’s HERE, and even raise money on Facebook HERE.

Q: Where does my donation go?

A: Donations go directly towards making positive impacts on FAMilies. Donations go towards meeting a variety of our FAMilies’ needs such as, but not limited to; bills, living expenses, comfort items for hospital stays, funeral expenses, and facilitating bonding experiences for FAMilies to make memories together. The more donations we receive the more families we will be able to help!

Q: Do you assist families with children battling monsters other than pediatric cancers?

A: FAM’s primary focus is in the childhood cancer community. However, we intentionally left our official mission statement open and utilized the phrase “life threatening challenges” because FAM is an ally in the fight against any monster. FAM aspires to one day have a variety of chapters assisting all children, but while FAM grows, we have connections to some amazing resources not exclusive to pediatric cancers.

Q: I’m an adult with cancer, can you help me? 

A: FAM’s mission statement with the IRS requires our focus to remain on FAMilies fighting pediatric cancers. In the future we look forward to working with other foundations to offer resources for the entire FAMily.

Q: Will you post my gofund me?

A: We would love you to find support you seek for your go fund me on our group page. Not a member yet? Join and then post away! We love watching the way this FAMily steps up for one another.

Q: Where can I find your taxes?

A: We will post our annual tax report as soon as they are complete, on our website for easy access. They will also be available on our platinum profile on which we have proudly earned through transparency.

Q: How can I help?

A: Great question! How CAN you? Do you have an idea? Reach out to us, we would love to hear from a motivated person like yourself! Check out our FAMbassador and Jr FAMbassador programs. Loan your support to our Facebook Community. Run a fundraiser in your home town. Choose FAM for your Facebook Birthday Fundraisers. Send a card to an in patient kid. Send a meal to an in patient FAMily. And of course, Donate! Donate! Donate!

Q: I’d like to have an address for a FAM kid? 

A: Reach out to FAM and we will coordinate with the FAMily the best way for you to pop something in the mail. Thank you!

Q: What do you want ME to do?

A: Something! Like a post. Share one. Make one. Donate! Tell a friend about what we do. Get wild and reach out to another FAMily across the net! 

Q: Are you a registered non profit?

A: Yes! We are registered in the state of Floridia, and have been approved by the IRS for tax exempt status! Our EIN number is 83-2473005

Q: Do you have past testimonials or reviews about FAM?

A: Yes! Feel free to read reviews on Facebook, Google, or Guidestar! If you had a good experience with us, we would appreciate if you left a review as well!

Q: How do you support the entire family?

A: FAMilies need ALL the kids to be okay. Siblings are desperately in need of support when another falls ill. We always include siblings in our efforts. Once at full operation, our online communities will have portals for siblings and parents to access one another and professional therapists while a family member is in patient or bereaved. We take pride in getting working understandings of the intricacies of each family and offer individualized support. By doing this, we more accurately meet the various needs of each FAMily member.

Q: How does one become “FAM”? 

Check out our FAMily tree (below) and figure out where you fit in or where you could. Found it? You’re in!