Jackie Markowitz

Executive Child Life Specialist


 Jackie Markowitz is FAM’s very own executive child life specialist and program innovation coordinator. Jackie showed up to FAM boasting an impressive resume, a tower of experience, and passion to match the FAMquarters team. Jackie, in awe of children upholding a kind of strength and resilience most adults will never acquire, knew since an internship in high school that she wanted to someday work as a child life specialist. She is from New York, perused her undergraduate at Emory, and obtained her masters in social work from Colombia University. Jackie has 12 years of experience as a child life specialist and grief counselor, having worked at both NYU and Colombia Presbyterian hospitals. Jackie is excited to make her new home at FAM because she sees our commitment to innovation, and setting new standards on the nonprofit turf. FAM is honored that Jackie’s vast experience, spark, and get-down-and-dirty personality are about to become resources our FAMilies will come to rely on.