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Feature this logo on your page to let the world know you are a verified FAMily member. FAM is seeking partnerships with forward thinking, once in a lifetime corporations looking to sponsor once in a lifetime moments! Send us your thoughts: info@joinourfam.org



Trying to figure out how you can make an impact? FAM is the collection of our efforts and we need leaders like you! There is nothing more powerful than organic outreach. Show our FAM fighters what your small town or big city is made of with favorite fundraisers! We know you bake a mean cookie, have the perfect corner for a car wash, or love planning organized runs! Become an official FAMbassador: info@joinourfam.org


Jr. FAMbassadors

Many of our FAM fighters become isolated by their peers or treated differently after becoming sick; most of which is due to lack of understanding amongst local communities and schools. We want to bridge that gap, inspire empathy, and create connections. Jr. FAMbassadors can pitch in by raising funds and sending cheer. Initiating the likes of coin drives and lemonade stands or creating cards, comics, or jewelry are all ways for our littlest FAMily members to contribute. Become an official Jr. FAMbassador: info@joinourfam.org

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