Happy Birthday!

If you are FAM, we hope you are planning to celebrate your Birthday FAMily style, by selecting FAM- Fighting All Monsters for your Facebook Birthday Fundraiser. This amazing platform offered by Facebook enables your friends to rally around your FAMily in honor of YOU! It’s a great way to participate in the magic and show up for your FAM. You will be pleasantly surprised by the friends who care about your cause. Be sure to mark it’s privacy setting to Public, and send us a message, so we can support you to the fullest and wish you a Happy Birthday!

Click HERE to get started!


Make us smile!

There’s a new way for YOU to support our FAMilies that won’t cost you a penny! Do you order items thru Amazon? Even once in a while? Start EVERY Amazon Shopping trip 🛒 from after selecting FAM- Fighting All Monsters as your charitable organization of choice, and Amazon will donate .5% of your purchase (some exclusions apply) to FAM. That’s a small percentage, but will amount quickly once we all link our accounts and help our friends and family link theirs.

Click HERE, and enter your login information, on the next page, select the yellow bar that reads “start shopping”. On the following page, check the box at the top that reads, “Yes, I understand that I must start at to support FAM- Fighting All Monsters” and then select the yellow bar at the bottom that again reads, “START SHOPPING”. This will link your account to FAM (you don’t actually have to shop right then). When you do need to order something, just imagine is the door🚪 into the store, and use it EVERY time! At no cost to you, but all thanks to you, donations from Amazon will start turning the lights on Childhood Cancer!