Sarah Turner

FAMily Liaison


Sarah Turner holds the essential position of our FAMily Liaison. Sarah grew up near Seattle, and comes from a background of taking initiatives. She attended school at Utah Valley University, owned her own online women’s boutique, and has passionately integrated excellent nutrition at her FAMily table. Sarah’s most important job has been mothering her two children, the eldest of whom, was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma five and a half years ago. Since then, he has relapsed four times, and still fights today. Sarah Turner not only knows cancer, she lives it. Cancer is her daily life. After Sarah connected with our FAMily, she realized that she needed to take action; use her experiences; and help turn the lights on pediatric cancer. Sarah is driven to stand by her FAMily members with the hopes that she can help lead FAMilies out from the overwhelming depths of chaos that coming flooding at diagnosis and offer her genuine understanding of the hardships within our community. We are so appreciative that she will be sharing her insight, kindness, smarts, positive attitude, loyalty, and LOVE with our FAMily.