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Far too many of us have heard the words “I’m sorry, your child has cancer.” They shocked us and stung us and changed everything about who we are and how we live. The words echo in our ears as we fight for our children. We become their voice and champion for quality care. We fight with insurance companies, we fight for medications, we fight for treatment options. We fight to keep them alive.

Among us there are parents who have heard the words we all fear. Parents who sit with their hearts shattering while medical professionals tell them their child is out of options. Parents who are told that trials do not exist or that their child does not qualify. The human spirit is strong but it is not unbreakable. Some of us have become broken because our children have run out of options. FAM exists to make the impossible, possible. We work to grant dreams, provide financial resources, and offer emotional support. We long for the day that no parent fears the words “your child has cancer”. Until that day, we want to be the resource all FAMilies look to for support, encouragement, and hope. We are more than a cancer foundation. We are more than generic gift cards and blankets with cute logos. We are more than images of happy bald headed children. We are FAMily and when one of us hurts, we believe we all hurt.

Today we learned that our warrior Chandler was faced with the unthinkable. His mother wept while being told there simply are no more options to save his life. Chandler’s mom shared the devastating news in our FAM moms facebook group. She shared with us that after hours of phone calls and research she found a trial. One single trial that could and would accept Chandler. One trial that offers continued hope.
Transportation and accommodations were not panning out. Chandler’s mama was stuck knowing the trial exists but she had no way to get Chandler to Washington D.C. and the clock is ticking. Chandler has to arrive by Monday to have surgery and begin treatment. Once we saw the post we knew we had to act, and act quickly!

No mother should have to say goodbye to their child because of the cost of airfare and hotel accommodations. Chandler and his family WILL be in Washington D.C. to begin treatment Monday morning. Thanks to the endless hours of our volunteers and YOUR generous donations, we are able to cover the expenses needed to give Chandler another chance! Flights for 4 ✅! Hotels ✅! His mama will have more time with her son. Chandler and his family will be arriving in a strange city with no solid plan, no real answers, and a lot of unknowns but Chandler’s mama told us she just has to go, they have to keep fighting. Your financial support has made this happen! Chandlers situation is emergent. When you give to FAM you truly do make an impact on real people facing real monsters! We need you to click the donate button below to help us continue to do what we do best, Fight All Monsters!!! #FAM #FightingAllMonsters #ChildhoodCancer #WhatWouldJoshSay #ForeverNatalie